A world with out smarthphones/tablets etc…

I got a letter sent home in my 8 year olds Friday folder about I pads they would be getting. Yes every child in 3rd graders class is getting a I pad. Where would the world be today without smartphones, tablets etc… I can tell ya what I think this world would be a lot easier place. No Facebook snap chat twitter. Not everything would be posted and sharing and liking.  All that can be pretty mean pretty harsh. I mean really what is this world coming to?? They have to take it to Facebook that this girls dress was to short or this parent stood in the wrong place at pickup. Things are never going to change this is how the world is now days. I just hope I can bring a little bit of my childhood back into my kids life. I remember much simpler days fort making, secret sharing, flash lights and bunny ears. Those are the days kids need not I pads and tablets and wondering if they can download the newest social app or what age they get to have a phone.  And the same goes for the parents put down that phone at night time and get down on the floor and make those bunny ears with your kids or pop some popcorn and watch a movie. You would never realize what your missing out on when your face is behind your phone. Trust me I learned this the hard way…


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