Tonight I find myself at a lost for words. Sitting here with so much to say but not sure its the right time to share so many things with everyone. Sitting here thinking though maybe if I share I will get some insight or some words of wisdom. Why does life have to be so dang hard or is it us who makes things hard. Am I overthinking things??? Why does my mind have to race a million times a min. with all different thoughts?? Why cant everyday be just as simple as a cup of coffee haha funny thing the other day I did get a bad cup of coffee. Life is hard I think its always going to be. But here is my question do we bit are toughs all the time and let things roll by us or do I talk about the million things running through my mind???  Remember Being Each Day WITH A Grateful Heart. That’s all I have to say for tonight. Like I said I am at a lost….


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