Tonight I find myself at a lost for words. Sitting here with so much to say but not sure its the right time to share so many things with everyone. Sitting here thinking though maybe if I share I will get some insight or some words of wisdom. Why does life have to be so dang hard or is it us who makes things hard. Am I overthinking things??? Why does my mind have to race a million times a min. with all different thoughts?? Why cant everyday be just as simple as a cup of coffee haha funny thing the other day I did get a bad cup of coffee. Life is hard I think its always going to be. But here is my question do we bit are toughs all the time and let things roll by us or do I talk about the million things running through my mind???  Remember Being Each Day WITH A Grateful Heart. That’s all I have to say for tonight. Like I said I am at a lost….


Everyone falls its how we get back up that matters!!!

Everyone has bad times, everyone has ups and downs some more then others. But god will only give you what you can handle he knows your strengths your weakness. He knows your life plan from this point on. We have to stop stressing over the small stuff. I like to think god made me a little bit of sunshine and a little bit of hurricane. I have had so many struggles in my life. Sometimes I wonder how my husband had put up with me. But like my best friend told me the other day Ashley you have more good then you do bad. These blogs I am writing are true events in my life. Those of you reading them I am writing in hopes they help me understand me little more. Till tomorrow.



If you think about it life is like a camera always capturing new things. Always looking through different lenses. Photography is hobby of mine. I
love capturing different new things. Love making special moments for families. But with your life’s camera don’t forget to capture all those
se mémoires slow down, maybe not look through so many lenses. Don’t rush through life enjoy it….


Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time. Its about loving what you have and being grateful for it ALL….

I started blogging because my counselor told me I needed to find myself find who Ashley is?? So who am I?  This past summer was a hard summer for me and my family I am not ready to share all the details about it but maybe one day. Right now I am ready to share a small part of it. To truly be happy you have to know yourself. Happiness starts with you and the rest comes along. Don’t get me wrong my kids and husband bring me so much happiness but I have to be happy with myself to enjoy them.  Don’t lose yourself always remember who you are! Be grateful for what you have and don’t worry about what someone else has. If you have your family and great friends you have it ALL. I am working on finding who Ashley is. And yes I will change with age and years. But right now I know that I am happy, I love my job as a stay at home mom, I enjoy spending time with my husband, I love working with kids and being behind my camera. I am finding myself and I can say I truly have never felt better. I know I am going to have my down days but I also know that those days will pass.

A world with out smarthphones/tablets etc…

I got a letter sent home in my 8 year olds Friday folder about I pads they would be getting. Yes every child in 3rd graders class is getting a I pad. Where would the world be today without smartphones, tablets etc… I can tell ya what I think this world would be a lot easier place. No Facebook snap chat twitter. Not everything would be posted and sharing and liking.  All that can be pretty mean pretty harsh. I mean really what is this world coming to?? They have to take it to Facebook that this girls dress was to short or this parent stood in the wrong place at pickup. Things are never going to change this is how the world is now days. I just hope I can bring a little bit of my childhood back into my kids life. I remember much simpler days fort making, secret sharing, flash lights and bunny ears. Those are the days kids need not I pads and tablets and wondering if they can download the newest social app or what age they get to have a phone.  And the same goes for the parents put down that phone at night time and get down on the floor and make those bunny ears with your kids or pop some popcorn and watch a movie. You would never realize what your missing out on when your face is behind your phone. Trust me I learned this the hard way…

What is a stay AT home MOM???

My oldest started 3rd grade this year and my youngest started preschool. I have been a stay at home mom and wife now for 8 years. I look around when everyone is gone and wonder where did the time go??  So I thought this would be a perfect time to start sharing my thoughts some of my life experiences with the world.  My husband is BEST we have been through hell and back and have stood beside each other through it all. I could not ask for a better husband and kids. I am sure all of you don’t want to read about a boring stay at home moms every day life. But I want people to know there is more to us stay at home moms then what the world thinks… I really do have the best job anyone can ask for. But for all those people out there that think stay at home moms drop there kids off at school and then head back home and go to bed that’s where your WRONG I wish sometimes I could. Being able to stay home is so rewarding but it can also be challenge at the same time. You have to remember not to lose yourself don’t get to wrapped up in your children’s life’s still have date nights and get up in the morning and do your hair and makeup get dressed no your not going to a public job but let me tell ya your still going to a JOB just a different kind. Do you other stay home moms ever think of it like this?? What if you got up want to work got your children off to daycare then from there they want to school picked them back up from daycare after working a fulltime job. Came home made dinner, did laundry, played with the kids and anything else that might need done that day..  And on top of that your husband has to help cause your beat from working all day also. Being a stay at home mom is not just rewarding for you but its rewarding for your husband and your children. They can come home and have a hot dinner done for them laundry clean and put away cause this stay at home mom did her job today. We don’t get sick days holiday pay and we work 7 days a week. But being a stay at home mom is the most rewarding and best job out there and one day my kids are going to know my mom really did work everyday just a different kind of work.